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January 31, 2024


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ATLAS.ti Overview

Embark on a journey of qualitative data analysis with ATLAS.ti , a robust software solution designed to facilitate the exploration and interpretation of complex datasets. Whether you are conducting academic research, evaluating survey responses, or analyzing qualitative content, ATLAS.ti provides a comprehensive platform for coding, organizing, and drawing meaningful insights from your data. This is the full version of ATLAS.ti , pre-activated for immediate access to its advanced features. Empower yourself with an intuitive interface and a range of powerful tools that support qualitative research methodologies, making ATLAS.ti an indispensable companion for researchers, scholars, and analysts seeking to uncover the depth and nuance within their data.

ATLAS.ti is equipped with an array of features that enhance the qualitative research process. Effortlessly code and organize textual, visual, and audio data with the software’s advanced coding tools. Conduct thorough literature reviews and engage in powerful data exploration with the help of the query tool and network views. The multimedia capabilities of ATLAS.ti enable the integration of various data types, offering a holistic approach to analysis. Take advantage of the full-text retrieval and visualization features, allowing for in-depth exploration of your data corpus. With support for teamwork and collaborative coding, ATLAS.ti facilitates seamless collaboration among researchers. This version ensures a streamlined workflow, allowing users to focus on the qualitative aspects of their research without the need for additional activations.

Key Features

1. Advanced Coding Capabilities

Efficiently code and categorize textual, visual, and audio data with advanced coding features, allowing for a nuanced and thorough analysis of your dataset.

2. Query Tool

Utilize the powerful query tool to conduct systematic literature reviews and explore patterns within your qualitative data, enhancing the depth of your analysis.

3. Network Views

Visualize relationships and connections within your data through network views, providing a comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics present in your dataset.

4. Multimedia Integration

Integrate various data types, including text, images, audio, and video, for a holistic approach to qualitative analysis that captures the complexity of your research.

5. Full-Text Retrieval

Retrieve and analyze full-text documents with ease, enabling a comprehensive examination of textual data within your research corpus.

6. Teamwork and Collaboration

Support teamwork and collaborative coding with features that facilitate seamless collaboration among researchers, ensuring a unified approach to qualitative analysis.

7. Visualization Tools

Leverage visualization tools to enhance your understanding of data patterns and trends, allowing for a more intuitive exploration of your qualitative research findings.

8. Streamlined Workflow

Experience a streamlined workflow with ATLAS.ti , focusing on the qualitative aspects of your research without the need for additional activations or interruptions.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Windows 10 or macOS 10.14 and later


1 GHz or faster processor


4 GB or more

Hard Disk Space:

4 GB of available space

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